Businesses indulge in blogging for it can attract search engine traffic and that too naturally. Blogs already feature the optimized site architecture. Most of the blogs have clear navigation where the page links back to other relevant pages. Blogs have the potential to be linked well. If you are considering SEO for your blogs, you can follow certain tips to attract more traffic.

Submit the blog to the blog directory

You may not have considered submitting the blogs to blog directory, but it is essential. Before you submit the blog to the directory, learn how to optimize the blog. Only when you optimize the blog, it can help the website to attain the finest keyword placement.

Use the right set of keywords

You have plenty of choices when it comes to targeting keywords. You may either target the keyword that attains high traffic or the one with moderate traffic. However, if you choose a general keyword getting high traffic, you have less chance of ranking higher when compared to the keyword getting moderate traffic. With the keyword that gets only a moderate level of traffic, you may make more sales.

Length of the search query is the determining factor

As per the recent post by an SEO expert, the high conversion rate generally comes from those who enter a long search query. The best part is that your blog will get indexed fantastically well and thus it will show up for the number of phrases. So, it is worth using long tailed keywords.

Posting blogs in a timely manner, regularly updating it and getting linked to quality sites can help a lot.